Southern Baptists do not have a creed, but there are a set of beliefs that are held by most Baptists. They are stated in detail in “The Baptist Faith and Message”  Below is a concise summary of our beliefs:

What is worship?

Our church is focused on the importance of all things being done for the glory of God. When genuine worship takes place, not only is the entire body enhanced and built up, but the mission and outreach of the church is strengthened. In Isaiah 6:1-8, after the prophet had authentically encountered God, three things resulted:

  1. A recognition of who God is
  2. A realization of the need for repentance and forgiveness
  3. A renewed desire for mission.

The people of God who have worshiped God and who have been mutually strengthened are prepared to enter the world to touch lives, meet needs, counsel hurts, speak to unjustices, and by life and witness proclaim the saving message of the gospel. Reaching people and exalting God are hardly in conflict. As a matter of fact, real outreach is prefaced upon genuine worship.