Youth Choir, 1954 Front Row: Beverly Troutman, Faye Coker, Judy Nall, Sara Ellen Currie, Brenda Turner, Judy Beth Carden, Ike Northrup. Second Row: Frances Bryers, Ann Enick, Merrill Brown, Leola Merriwether, Francis Butler, James Lewis Merriwether, _____________. Third Row: (Beginning near the middle) Peggy Richards, Clara Gibbs, Terri Turner, Shirley Dunn, Nancy Donald. Fourth Row: _________, ____________, John Arthur Brown, _______________, Frances Tyson, Sara Turk, Martha Marsh, Claire Wise, Pepper Brown. Fifth Row: Judy Wise, ___________, Jimmy Lumpkin, __________, Rodney Hale, Janie Luker. Sixth Row: Ray Bell, Mike Patton, Daulton Anderson, Gertie Hamilton, Celine Wood, Jean Sherrill, Mary Beth Finley, Warren McCrummen. (Many thanks to Roger and Sandra Owens for identifying so many. If you can identify more, please email us: