1950’s. Graduation from the College of Christian Knowledge: Left to right: Mirtis Anderson, Mrs. Cain, Jewell Carden, Carl Copeland, Mrs. Crawford, Steve Donald, Mrs. T. M. Farris, Mrs. Finklin, Irma Helton, Julia Hand, Tommy Hand, James L. Merriwether, John Hale, Blanch Hale, Mrs. Lavada Montgomery, Willie Mae McConnico, Isabelle Johnson, Jessie McKinley, Pastor Bob Norman, ___________, Addie Belle Copeland, Ottomese Holland, Jean Norman, Mrs. Elsie Shoemake, Totsie Wise, Bill Shoemake, __________, Mrs. O’Neil, _________, Twynette Wells Yeager, ____________, Lois Wiggins.