Youth Choir, c. mid-50’s. Front row, left to right: Sheila Lockwood, Judy Beth Carden, Jeanie Chunn, Faye Brenda Parker, Ann Amos, __________, Beverly Troutman, Pepper Brown, Diane Lawley, Judy Nall, Clair Wise, Ike Northrup. Middle row: ___________, Wayne Stacey, Mary Beth Findley, Pat Patrick, Brenda Gibbs, Frances Bryars, Leola Merriwether, Martha Marsh, Marilyn Frazier, Doug Owens, James Lewis Merriwether, Jr. Back row: Clara Gibbs, Richard Jones, Virgina Cureton, Bobby Middleton, Randy Currie, Peggy Richards, _________Jimmy Lumpkin, Billy McCrory. (Thanks to Roger Owens for identifications). If you know the date, or can identify unidentified choir members, please notify us at