Aunt Mickie’s Coffee Cafe

Aunt Mickie’s Coffee Café isn’t really a ministry—it is a place for ministry—a cozy, comfortable venue. Its location is the corner of Trammell and Horner Streets, in what was the original fellowship hall of the church. The room has been decorated, the kitchen has been restored, and the room has been furnished with dining room tables and chairs and a couple of coffee pots.



IMG_0603 IMG_0604

Water, soft drinks, gourmet coffee, and snacks are made available for the various ministries that reserve the room—Sunday School classes, various committee and leadership meetings, Bible studies, and even evening worship services from time to time. During AWANA, the Coffee Café provides a comfortable place for our AWANA parents.






The venue is named in honor Marsetta Wiggins “Aunt Mickie” McIlroy, the aunt of a former FBC member, Glen Wiggins. Aunt Mickie was kind, generous, and fun-loving. She treasured relationships, loved people, good conversation and laughter. Already, this venue for ministry has facilitated good conversation and laughter in a such way that relationships with others and with Jesus Christ have been established and nurtured.