What We Want

That’s a fair question. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior, we want  you to come into relationship with Him.  So, we unashamedly proclaim and invite you into a relationship with God provided exclusively through His Son, Jesus. This is why Jesus established His church, and this is still the reason we are here.

If you are already a Christian, we want you to develop an even deeper relationship with Christ.

Simply stated, we want you to know Christ.  And then… we want you to know Him more and more.

It’s because of what we want that we:

  • Tell the Good News.  In our preaching, teaching, and in our ministries, the gospel message is clearly proclaimed so that those who do not know Christ may accept Him as their Savior.
  • Worship together.  We purpose during our services to provide the culturally relevant elements of worship so that you may encounter God in worship.
  • Fellowship with each other. One important aspect of deepening a relationship with Christ, is developing relationships with other Christians.  First Baptist is striving to be a loving, caring church family where these relationships can begin and deepen.
  • Meet needs in our community.  We serve Christ, by serving others.  We provide opportunities for ministry, and we meet those needs because we love and care about others. By meeting needs, we show the love of our Savior in a practical way.
  • Facilitate spiritual maturity.  We believe a healthy church is a spiritually mature church.  So our teaching and preaching– in Bible study classes, and in worship services is accurate and applicable to life. Our pastor and our Bible teachers take us into the depths of God’s Word, so that we can know Him better.